"Like that you can see that those things which have got, we can say, matter in it, same matter becomes a human being after some time, through evolutionary process, and the same thing which was just a matter when it becomes a human being, becomes aware of those Divine vibrations."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
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The Bliss of Truth

Without Spiritual insight it is not Pure Intelligence – Pure Truth

A subtler instrument which knows the Divine

Today is the auspicious occasion of the Birthday of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, which is
celebrated by Sahaja Yoga collectives all over the world. You can read more about her life in
our special issue from 2005: http://www.sahajayoga.ca/sahajapath/200503/index.htm

The Bliss of Truth - The Nature of Divine

In the first lecture I described what is truth, how to recognize truth and that's how we proceeded till today and today we have to get to the finale, that is the enjoyment of the bliss of truth. The first one was as I told you before, was the experience of truth which one has to feel on the central nervous system. Into a new collective consciousness was the second one and the third one we talked about the transformation that takes place. But the finale is the nature of divine. People say divine is purity, divine is blissful, divine is compassion, divine is love. It is described by many words, but I don’t think it can be described, it has to be experienced. You can go on describing, writing books after books, stories after stories, poems after poems. Divine is so unlimited that you cannot describe it in its full extent, nor in its depth. But as it is being described that the spirit is the truth, so the first three lectures I covered the subject of truth within us that we have to feel it in our evolutionary process, the truth on our central nervous system. That’s a very important point we have to understand, because anything that people tell you or project is not the truth. Nor whatever you project is the truth, but whatever you feel on the central nervous system is the truth. Like you feel something hot or cold, everybody feels the same and that’s how it is the absolute. But the truth that is within us and which manifests within our being is known through our brain.

Without Spiritual insight it is not Pure Intelligence – Pure Truth

So yesterday somebody asked Me a question that the intelligence is very much needed. Yes, that much intelligence everyone has, to know what is truth, but before knowing the truth if you depend on your intelligence you can be misled completely. Intelligence that is without the spiritual insight is your own ego, is not pure intelligence, it is just your ego, which says, “This is right”, “I say”, “I believe”, “I am like this” – that is ego. After realization the truth that comes to you is the real pure truth and is not your ego. For example, now we are in this hall. I have been here before or not, whether I was in this place or not, how will you know? It's not possible. But for a realized soul it is very easy to make out because they can feel the vibrations of the place; they can make out that somebody here has been a person who had Self-Realization, and now in this hall there are so much vibrations that even to speak to you I have to watch. It's just flowing, if those who can feel it, can feel it. But those who cannot feel it, for them it is just the same, no difference at all. So, when the truth is felt within us our intelligence tells us is the same thing. If you are inert, people say like this stone, or this thing, it might suck in the vibrations. It may have the vibrations. Now see the point, the difference is but it will not be intelligent, or it is not intelligible to that particular matter. So the matter when it is inert is not sensitive to understand. It is different to absorb vibrations, but it is very difficult unless and until you are a human being to discern it, to find out whether there are vibrations or not.

You become the Truth - a subtler instrument which knows the Divine

So one has to understand that you become the truth, means you are awareness itself, becomes aware of divine. That your central nervous system, or you can say your brain, evolves to that state that you can feel the vibrations. That's one thing. Then you cannot only feel the vibrations but you can discern them, you can find out whether these are good vibrations or bad vibrations. Then you can also say whether these vibrations are partial or full vibrations from the person, if the person has got some sort of a disease or a trouble you can, without knowing a word about medicine, you can say this person is suffering from such and such disease. Imagine the computer that we are, we are really the greatest computer that anybody can produce. Human beings can't produce this computer. The one they have produced is just a copy of this, which is not such a great copy also. Because this computer sees something and knows this is this. It doesn't think, can you think of a computer which doesn't think? Just without thinking, it knows, and that's the computer we are. Now this great computer of our brain which just sees and knows, feels and knows, smells and knows, this special computer becomes a greater, we can say a subtler instrument which knows the Divine, which feels the Divine, which understands the Divine and can maneuver it, it can maneuver it.

Notes: - All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ( 1984-0710: Public Program: The Experience of Truth, Chiswick Town Hall, England).

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