"So, the awareness before realization can be blurred. And therefore with a simple truthful thing, as you see with your own eyes, there can be aberrations, and then there can be other explanations and other descriptions. But after realization the basic truth never changes."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
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The Brain becomes aware of the Truth

Establish the Connection

Thoughts subside

Without thoughts, Peace resides

The Brain becomes aware of the Truth

So you become the truth and the strength of truth comes in you and then you’re not afraid of anything. You say it out loudly. You say, “This is the truth, I know this is the truth.” People may not accept it, they may crucify you, do what they like, but truth is truth and that truth remains forever and ever, it is eternal. But this brain that we do not think much of becomes aware of the truth. This is the blessing of the truth upon us, which comes to us through our Self-Realization, or we say through our Spirit. There can be complete seven lectures on truth if I go on, but I think I have to see to the other side of it, what else it does.

Something has to happen inside to Establish the Connection

Another thing that happens to you is with your attention. Now our attention is outside, the reason is our brain has become like a prism, and the rays that come into us of awareness also are thrown out and as a reaction our attention goes outside. If I tell you take your attention inside you cannot take it, just cannot. Something has to happen inside and that's why when this Kundalini rises within you then your attention is attracted inside and this happening takes place. And then you find that you can enter inside as well as outside. But otherwise you cannot. Many people say that we are praying, now you are praying outside there is no connection, first the connection must be established. So when your attention is outside you react to everything. For example, I come and see these flowers, then I react to it and then I say something, or another thing I see all the time I am reacting outside. As a result of all the kind of sensations we get out of our reactions our attention becomes absolutely disturbed and we get into a lot of troubles.

Thoughts subside from your attention – just look without thinking

First of all our eyes are not steady, they go on hovering from here to there, God knows what we are looking for. The eyes become impure because we start thinking about things, as soon as we see something we start thinking and a barrier is created. For example there is a beautiful piece something very beautiful you see, and looking at it if there’s a thought you cannot enjoy. But if there is no thought, there’s pure rapport, pure connection, between that beautiful art and yourself, then you just see it and enjoy that joy of the artist which he has poured into it, without thinking about it. Otherwise normally people will think, “How many pounds can I save?” or “What should I do? Should I purchase it or not?” All sorts of nonsensical flippant, cheap ideas can come into your head. Or could be something higher also “This color is not matched with that and this.” But a person who is a realized soul will just see, just like children, they just look, in the same way, without thinking. So the first thing that happens to your attention is that the thoughts subside. Thought is the first problem that has started with ego and now when the thoughts subside then you become peaceful.

Without thoughts Peace resides - thought is incapable of balancing attention

People talk of peace, “We should have peace” – how can you have peace? It’s not possible, is an impossible situation. You see we think by thinking, by organizing, by manipulating, we'll have peace. You cannot. You cannot have peace that way. How will you have peace, when the peace is established on your attention? When your attention is peaceful, when we are absolutely without any thoughts, then the peace resides. After all, the peace is disturbed by the human beings only, isn’t it? It is not disturbed by something else, is disturbed by human beings and now if the human beings are not peaceful, how can you have peace by talks? On the contrary when there are talks be sure that there will be some violent action after that. Always it happens because thought is incapable of keeping your attention in balance.

Notes: - All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ( 1984-0710: Public Program: The Experience of Truth, Chiswick Town Hall, England).

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