"What is yoga? In simple words, it is taking your attention to the Spirit. This is yoga. What does the Kundalini do? She raises your attention and takes it to the Spirit."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
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The Spirit is the only Eternal thing within us

The Essence of the Spirit is joy – The Essence of your awareness is the Truth
The Kundalini rises and the Attention is pulled in – Your awareness becomes the Spirit
Truth, Attention, and Joy all become one – Sat Chit Anand – then the growth is much faster

Attention will start going to the Spiritual side

The Spirit is the only Eternal thing within us

So, today we are going to think about our Spirit, which we have neglected throughout. They are not even conscious that we have a Spirit. Through Sahaj Yoga those who are now conscious, because they can feel it through their vibrations, they can also get lost and can forget it. The Spirit is the only eternal thing within us, all the rest are transitory and evolutionary. Everything rose into evolution and the better is the evolution the higher the Spirit starts manifesting itself. Like the reflection… the reflection on the stone of even the sun is zero. And the reflection of the sun on the lake is sometimes I think, is the reflection that is felt in the Sahaj Yogis, when they see, feel it, it flows, they can feel the breeze in their hands, but still their attention is not fully enlightened; the Spirit has not permeated inside. It’s just reflecting still. In the mirror you see the reflection of the sun, but even then, when you removed it you cannot reflect it. This is the difference – that even if you become the mirror of the sun, unless and until it permeates into your being and transforms you into something new, you have not done full justice to yourself and nor to the powers of your Spirit.

You have to make a rapid growth within

The Spirit has come just like a vision to you, an experience to you, but the growth of your being has not yet started and if it has started it’s so slow that you may not achieve much in one lifetime, because your attention is on all various things. You have been misidentified from the very beginning, since the time you were amoeba you have been misidentified. The matter played a big role in your life, so matter was important. Then all the five elements that are within us were very important to us because we can see them, feel them, we have lived them for years, thousands and thousands of years. So they are part and parcel of your being and that is why you are so much identified with it. That should be, no doubt. But in the living process it never happens like that. There are some seeds which grow so fast that within one year they become trees after they have been sprouted. They bear fruit in one year’s time. Some trees are such, but some of them linger on and linger on and linger on and they take too much time. So much so that maybe when they are not yet fully developed, any storm, any wind, any one of these things can just push them down. So you have to make a rapid growth within. Even after realization I have seen people do not pay attention to their Spirit. So for every Sahaj Yogi today I would say they have to ask, “Where is your attention, Mister? Or Missus or Miss, whatever it is. Where is your attention?”

Truth, Attention, and Joy – all become one – Then the growth is much faster

I don’t know how many speeches I’ve given now, I lost count. This is only just to make your attention little steady, then the Kundalini rises. Without that happening your attention cannot go inside. Once the happening takes place your attention is pulled in. The whole attention goes inside and it is carried and is brought to this point where it breaks. This is the seat of your Spirit, while the seed resides in the heart and you are blessed with your Self-Realization. Now, the growth has to come, that you have to move your awareness towards the Spirit and when that happens, that your Spirit dominates your awareness, that your awareness becomes the Spirit, then Sat, Chit, Anand. Sat is the essence of your awareness, is the truth; through your awareness you know the truth. Chit is the attention and Anand is the Spirit. The essence of the Spirit is joy. All these things become one. That has to happen. Then the growth is much faster. When it is half way round, the growth is less. And the growth is to be felt in your collectivity. Not in how you organize some things and all that, no, in collectivity, how you feel about the whole world, how you are connected about the whole world. What you are doing about it, can you work it out for them? Where is your attention, again?

Attention will start going to the Spiritual side

As soon as you are one with your Spirit you’d start worrying about the whole universe. It will happen, the priorities will change. “Oh, I am here, I am the Spirit. And My work is not this, this is useless, this is not meant for Me.” And the attention will start going from all mundane, gross things to the Spiritual side, but by going there you become so dynamic that all material things will work out just like that. [Mother clicks Her fingers.] You’ll have no problem with material things, they will work out.

Notes: - All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ( 1980-1110: The Eternal Spirit, Caxton Hall, UK).

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