"But as soon as there is light, you can relate everything to everything. And then you don’t fall and fumble. It is as simple as that. But one must know that behind these lights there’s a very complicated organization; so behind this happening there is a very complicated organization, very loving and benevolent. "

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
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The Absolute is the Spirit within you - who is just a witness of what we are doing

You have to jump into that kind of an Awareness by which you can realize the Absolute

Our Evolution is a living process – it cannot be explained through mental process

Once you discover the Absolute - all your problems will be resolved completely

The Absolute is the Spirit within you – who is just a witness of what we are doing

Without the Realization, without the ascent of the Kundalini, you are not in touch with reality, with the All-Pervading power. The All-Pervading power is everywhere in a very subtle way. In a molecule it oscillates the different atoms in different ways. In animals it pulsates. In the plants it transforms into different shapes and different stages. It classifies. For example, an apple tree will give apple, and a rose will give rose. All this sorting out is done by this very dynamic All-Pervading power of God’s Love. But we take all these things for granted, because we do not feel it. To feel it, one has to become subtler. At this human level we are not subtle enough. There has to be a breakthrough. Unless and until we have that breakthrough, we cannot understand the relationship with the Absolute. We live in a relative world all the time, and that is why there is a confusion. Unless and until we find the Absolute, we cannot sort out this confusion, what is right and what is wrong. And that Absolute is the Spirit within you, who at the time when we are human beings is just a witness of what we are doing. It witnesses the field of our work, but it does not in any way activate itself.

You have to jump into that kind of an Awareness by which you can realize the Absolute

Yesterday I told you how there are two types of people, one are right-sided, another are left-sided. And there are third types of people who are seeking God. The left-sided people pay too much attention to their emotions, to their past and live in the past. And the right-sided people live in the future and act through their physical and mental being. But the people in the central path do not go to this extreme or that extreme, but reside in the center and try to find their Absolute. How we go into extremes is very interesting to see. For example if there is a doctor, he sees a person as a physical being. He doesn’t see him as a mental being or as an emotional being. If there is a psychologist, he sees a human being as a psyche only, because there is no integration. Once you get to your Absolute, everything gets integrated, because the relationship between everything is through the Absolute. So people put in this theory, then they discard it, they put in another theory, they discard it, then they come up with another solution, they discard it. They are all groping in the dark. And when they are groping in the dark, if you have to tell them that, “You have to just put the lights on,” they don’t like it. They get identified with their theories to such an extent, and they are so much blinded by their mental projections that they don’t want to see that there can be something absolute which is beyond thought, beyond mind. We are talking about this All-pervading power. It pervades into everything. So it is unlimited. So to know about this unlimited energy, how can we use this limited brain? Even to come inside this hall I had to leave My limited car outside. So one has to know that if you have to go to an unlimited thing, you have to have a breakthrough. You have to jump into that kind of an awareness by which you can realize the Absolute. But in the seeking as I told you also when we put in an effort, we go to the left or to the right. So we go towards the collective subconscious or towards the collective supra-conscious.

Our Evolution is a living process - So the spontaneity is the quality of the living process

Our evolution is a living process, it is not a dead process. We say we have come from monkeys and other animals, what did we do about it? What effort did we put to become human beings? What theories did we propound to do that? What books did we read to achieve it? Or how much money did we pay to get it? So the spontaneity is the quality of the living process. And the living process cannot be explained through mental process. For example, how will you say that this flower becomes a fruit? At the most you can say, this happens, that happens, but why? How? You cannot answer the question why. It is said that in the human beings the acetylcholine and adrenaline – two medicines which are we can call them as just chemicals – act in a very different way. All right? Are you understanding that? All right? (Laughter) So adrenaline and acetylcholine act in two different ways – if either they augment or they relax, it is not easy to explain why they do it. So the honesty of the scientist is that they say, “We do not know why this is the mode of action.” Even if you are honest, then one has to realize that we do not know. So we have to know about it.

Once you discover the Absolute, all your problems will be resolved completely

As I told you the other day, that this is the knowledge about the roots. West is like the shoot which is outside, obvious, one can see. But the roots are in the East. Maybe the climate in that country or maybe some previous arrangements that the people are more interested in the roots than in the shoot. Makes no difference because the roots have to depend on the shoot and the shoot has to depend on the root. But one should be open also to the knowledge that is not yet known to us. Anybody who tried to speak about the roots was poisoned, tortured, or crucified. Now if you are really intelligent, and not intellectuals, then we should understand that there is much more than what we know. When I’m telling you about the Kundalini and all that, you need not accept Me blindfolded. And also you should not deny it. But with an open mind, see for yourself that once you get your Realization you will be able to verify everything that I say. But before Realization I cannot talk to you about it. I may tell you about it, but you will not know. If My eyes are closed and somebody tells Me there is red color and there are wood and people are sitting like this, I will know it in the mind but I will not experience it Myself. This is the only thing that is missing now. If once you discover the Absolute, all your problems will be resolved completely, because this Absolute is the collective being within you. Once it gets awakened or when it comes into our attention or into our central nervous system, we understand everything in the new light.

Notes: - All excerpts are taken directly from the lectures of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1982-0928: 3rd Public Programme, Urania, Vienna Austria).

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