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"Now we have to change the world, and how can we do it on individual basis if you go? This is the best way now; thousands are getting Realization all over. And now they are telling Me it’s in eighty-six countries working out. So we are going to have a global race, you can call it, a global awakening. Which is very important. And without this awakening, we cannot get transformed. This is to transform you, to completely change you."

VOA ITV Interview with Shri Mataji - 1/8/2003

Over the 35 years that Shri Mataji has been travelling the world giving en-masse self-realisation, Sahaja Yoga has grown to encompass peoples from more than 85 countries. As such we are a truly international and multi-cultural family, brought together by a common desire to grow spiritually and share with others the wonderful experiences we have enjoyed through the practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation.

… a truly international and multi-cultural family, brought together by a common desire to grow spiritually …

Each country has its own more or less formal Sahaja Yoga structure in harmony with local administrative norms, with either a national coordinator or a committee system in place to oversee the various activities.

In the early days of Sahaja Yoga, and as there is no money taken for the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga or the self-realisation experience, Shri Mataji Herself bore any costs incurred in the spreading of her message. Today it is mostly we, the people who live this experience on a regular and integrated basis, who support the daily activities through personal donations, of time, money or skills, even though Shri Mataji of course, continues her generous support.

For us, it is the greatest honour to contribute in whatever small way to bringing Shri Mataji’s message and the experience of self-realisation to our country men and women.

In 2005, the Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga World Foundation was inaugurated in the United States, with the purpose protecting and enhancing Shri Mataji’s enormous legacy, and to support the propagation of Sahaja Yoga around the world. The Board of Directors of the World Foundation is comprised of Shri Mataji, as the President for Life, and the members of the World Council, a body of 34 men and women from all the corners of the globe, who work within a committee system to oversee and coordinate global initiatives and activities.

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