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Welcomes you to join them at their World Realisation Day!


Saturday May 10th and Sunday May 11th 10am-6pm

Kensington Olympia is one of the major exhibition centres in London. 30,000 seekers have received their self realisation over the past four years at this venue alone.

Hammersmith Road
W14 8UX
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Feel and Experience

… a union with your inner self and with the greater consciousness, an experience sought after by man throughout the ages.

Self-realisation is a positive and deeply enriching experience.

Once the maternal energy of Kundalini is awakened within you and the chakras illuminated by her, the limbic area within the brain is enlightened and the inner being is connected to the all-pervading source of love and benevolence, the veritable ‘Intelligence of Love’.

This is not an idea or a goal to be achieved, but an experience you will feel instantly : physically, emotionally, mentally and above all, spiritually.

Depending on the health and balance of your inner being, and the condition of your energy centres, you may experience (and enjoy!) a number of things :

A soothing and sweet cool breeze emanating from the palms of your hands;

A complete stoppage of mental activity, carrying you into a state of real meditation;

A feeling of deep peacefulness and profound internal joy;

A rush of cool air emanating from the crown of your head;

Increased clarity in your vision, and dilated pupils;

An immense and immediate feeling of love and understanding for others;

A sustained feeling of inner satisfaction and well-being;

A physical sensation of the internal awakening of the energy centres or the upward movement of the Kundalini;

Heat emanating from the hands or the head as the Kundalini pushes through subtle blockages in your energy centres.

These are some of the immediate gifts from this maternal energy which, as would any Mother, loves, protects and nourishes her children – in this case the inner spiritual child residing within each one of us.

Benefits of Meditation

… through Sahaja Yoga, the individual becomes better integrated within his or her society and environment and one’s actions become harmonious with the whole.

The ‘Intelligence of Love’ is a living happening, and as such, once you have your self-realisation, this Intelligence starts working within you, for your good. The depth and breadth of benefits gained through Sahaja Yoga depend only on each person’s desire to grow further in his personal evolution.

Through the deepening of the meditative state, and a basic understanding of the subtle body’s functioning, each one of us can quickly begin to see and feel the positive influence of the nurturing maternal energy - the Kundalini.

Through the steady inner transformation achieved through Sahaja Yoga, the individual becomes better integrated within his or her society and environment and one’s actions become harmonious with the whole. Just a few of the proven benefits to be gained following a regular practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation are:

A healthier, drug-free life;

Stress reduction, inner peace, improved emotional and mental balance;

Advancement in one’s life and personal growth, developing newly found skills and talents, increased self esteem and confidence;

Improved family life, work environment, interpersonal relationships with others, communication skills.

Interested? Experience this yourself in many countries on May 5th.

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