News excerpts on NGO Inauguration

1. Title: Women is the developer of society & country:
Mata Nirmala (Dainik jagran, New Delhi, 29/3/2003)

    Shri Mataji said that all should respect women. Learning how to give this respect should be first done at home. She said that it is women who beautify the home. This ashram would rehabilitate destitute women & children and thus provide them an important place in the society.
    Before this, the trustee of Nirmala Devi Foundation, Sh Nalgirkar told about the objectives of Nirmala Prem Ashram. Regarding this he told that the work of rehabilitation of women and children would be without any differentiation. He told that the ashram has the capability to provide shelter to about 100 women and children. He told that the trust is also planning to open a health research centre at the ashram. This would bring the benefit of Sahaja yoga & meditation to all for maintaining good health. He explained that the ashram had been constructed with the blessings of Mother and contribution of his co-workers.
    The chief guest of the occasion, Mr. Satya Narayan Jatia, cabinet minister for social justice & empowerment told that sahaja yoga is very easy and one who has got his self-realisation does not need anything else. Minister of state, Mr. Sanjay Paswan revealed that with the inspiration of Shri Mataji he has started a forum named "Pulse for Spreading Spiritual Awareness Among Politicians".

2. Title: Nirmala Prem Ashram becomes a support for women.
(Dainik Hint, Noida, 30/3/03)

...Throwing women out of the house has become very common. Even children are rendered homeless. Women, out of desperation, stand on streets and beg. There is nobody to support them. Seeing this pitiful condition of women, Nirmala Prem Ashram has been established. The ashram is for women and children who have no support, and especially for female child. Nirmala Devi said that the ashram would take care of education, medical attention of destitute women. Other information from News Articles:
  1. Ashram took about 6 months to complete
  2. The ashram would provide for basic needs and facilities of the destitute women and children
  3. It would also give them training and enable them to attain economic independence
  4. It would assist them in getting appropriate jobs
  5. The members of the ashram would also be given spiritual guidance so that after going from the ashram, they would be able to face the difficulties of life in a better way and get appropriate livelihoods to gain self-reliance