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Do you know your true self?

Through Sahaja Yoga’s unique method of meditation, you can get connected with your inner self. Achieve mental silence and peace within, in just 10 minutes.

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Why Meditate?

Sahaja Yoga is the evolution of meditation meant for anyone of any age.  Through a daily practice of proven techniques, you awaken your own strength, qualities and energy that lies dormant within you. 


Proven Benefits 

Scientifically proven, the benefits include:

  • Improved Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

  • Stress management for a balanced life

  • Instills a sense of security and safety

  • Improves your creativity and focus


The experience of meditation is that you feel joyful, peaceful and content.  Best of all it is always free!


Finding Peace

Today all of humanity is shaken up and going through unprecedented times. Taking care of personal health has never been so crucial. Everyone needs to take a pause and look within their inner being. But how do you achieve balance, relieve stress and improve health? Meditating every day is the key to unlock the power within each of us.


Discover More

The world of meditation is not new.  It has existed for many years and is both an art and science that transcends our thoughts and mental concepts.  We invite you to learn and experience it for yourself!

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