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How do we change ourselves?

We have to realize that the change we want will come from the inside and not from the outside. So if we really want to change ourselves, let's look inside, let's try to understand ourselves.

How do we change others? Can we really change the others? What do we see in other people? Let’s follow Shri Mataji’s words whenever we meet other people:

"What you have to do, as soon as you know about somebody, then you have to think, “What goodness he has got? How can I imbibe that goodness within myself?” Because we are here to enrich ourselves spiritually, so you must think, as first and foremost thing, “What can I do to get the goodness of that person within myself?” So you’ll be looking out for the goodness of that person instead of looking out for bad qualities, because bad qualities are not going to nourish you at all."

Shri Mataji Nirmal Devi

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