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Austerity - Meditating Every Day

The definition of austerity as per the Oxford Definition is someone who is stern or severity of manner or attitude.

In Sahaja Yoga “austerity” can be used as a tool for introspection and self-discipline which can aid the practice of meditation and of detachment. This happens spontaneously when you start meditating regularly. By making meditation part of regular daily practice and being disciplined about it will greatly aid you on your journey to find peace within.

Once your desire is there and you add a sense of sternness and seriousness about it the whole thing starts to take off at a new level. It’s actually quite amazing how simple it all becomes and automatically without much effort you start to just want to meditate and that becomes a focal point of not only your day but your life.

There are often external and internal forces at play that makes excuses even after the benefits are well known.

This quote from Shri Mataji best provides context:

“First of all, you have to be austere with yourself; just separate yourself from yourself. Separate yourself as a Spirit and look at your ego and superego.
Now you start watching the ego and superego – do not maintain it; they are the destroying forces. Now when you see the play as a witness of these destroying forces you will know how to also maintain yourself better.
To separate yourself is easier when you take to austerity.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 1985

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