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Meditative Reflections: Fragrance and the Flower

However great a man may be in society, without love he will lack the force of gravity, the sweet fragrance of flower.

So the two roles of men and woman is like the, I would say, the flower and the fragrance. Which is higher flower or the fragrance? If there is no flower, there is no fragrance. But without fragrance what is a flower? Or a beauty? It is so much inseparable fragrance and beauty and flower. In the same way the flower shows, but who is the beauty, and who is the fragrance is the wife. That is how it should be. And then only people will respect you and your husband. And it is going to be much more easy. That’s the way it works out very easy. If it is other way round it will never work so let it be worked out this way.

And there is nothing like domination who can dominate your spirit? Nobody can dominate your spirit. But it is an adjustment because in the society the man has to do all the outside work. And he is the kinetic person and you are the potential energy. So the woman has to listen to man, because she preserves her energy much more by that. And there is nothing like domination. Nobody can dominate you. On the contrary there is such domination on the man that he just can’t exist without you. He comes back home straight from the work, that’s how you should control your husband. Control of love, as I control you with love, you should control with love. It is a question of how much you love

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