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Faith and the Heart Chakra

Faith is self-confidence. Faith is trusting in yourself and following your heart. Faith is…doubtless awareness.

The word ‘Self – Confidence’ has got a great meaning. When we say lack of ‘Self – Confidence’, it means lack of understanding one’s own Self. And why we fail to do that is because we don’t know how much power each and every one of us has within ourselves.

The lack of Self – Confidence within a person implies some obstruction on the 4th Centre, Anahata (Heart Chakra). After Self – Realization, when the Heart chakra is enlightened, divine vibrations start flowing. These divine vibrations make you feel strong, make you confident of taking the right decisions, and you start developing that faith in yourself.

“You have to have faith in yourself, it will work out. It is like rays of sun, in this way the love is flowing”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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