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Freedom & Independence

Canada Day is the commemoration of 3 territories coming together to form the Canadian Nation in 1867. But many confuse this as Canada’s Independence Day but in reality, this is not so. For example, the Americans celebrate July 4 and the people of India have celebrations on August 15 – these are actually their Independence Days - A day when they became free from the rule of the British.

Shri Mataji has talked a lot about the importance of being independent and free. But why is this important? To understand this, let us first look at the extremes. On one side, things become grosser and grosser till we reach the absolute gross, dormant and dead. On the other side, as we go higher, things get subtler and subtler till we ascend to the Almighty. This upward path is that of evolution.

Shri Mataji talks about this path of ascent. She says,

“That grossness now gradually starts becoming higher and higher, subtler and subtler and finer and finer. In that refinement, you find, ultimately, that the light works for the evolutionary process. Gradually the grosser parts start becoming enlightened. You find the lower animal is not that much enlightened as the higher animal is. Gradually even the joy starts becoming subtler and we can call it ‘beautiful’. Human joys are much more beautiful than that of animals. So the joys also start changing their manifestation, in the sense that you start seeing more and more and wider range of joy comes into your hand”.

So why are independence and freedom important? Animals behave based on their instincts or their bodily needs. As a part of their evolution, humans got the gift of discretion, of making a choice. Humans have to achieve things in their independence. Traversing on this path (towards Divinity) has to be their own choice and not that of God or anybody else. Anything contrary goes against their freedom (they did something on somebody else’s bidding).

Shree Mataji says,

“… Unless and until the awareness reaches that stage where you become independent and in that independence, you find your own glory. This is the position because your glory cannot be yours unless and until you are independent. As long as you are slaves or under bondage of something that is gross, how can you enjoy that eternal joy that is within you? So it is for you to expose yourself more to that joy by opening out yourself more and more, getting subtler and cleaner, so that you feel that joy”.

She also says,

“It’s like the Ocean before you and I am there and I want you all to come into it and enjoy. It is all for you the whole thing was created for your enjoyment. You have to become subtler and subtler. We are wasting lot of time here on very gross things. You have noticed it”.

Something to mull in your spare time. Eh!

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