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Meditation: A gift to pass on to the Next Generation!

Time doesn’t flow backward, neither does Life. Likewise, our next generation is the souls of Tomorrow, in this flow of life moving forward. We wish to be them, to be at the beginning of the cycle of life, but we can’t, nor can we make them like us. They live in different times, have different awareness and a different understanding of the Universe. They have their own thoughts, their own journey and their own paths to choose.

We can not pass them our thoughts, but we could enable them to make better decisions, better than the ones our forefathers made yesterday, and the ones we are making today. Just as they would be exploring the heights of the sky, they should be taught to explore the depths of their inner Universe, in a detached, thoughtless witness state. Look at their thoughts like waves in the ocean but stay stronger like the shore that holds those waves calm. That way we could be sure that the future of our children would be blissful, and that life in this Universe would be sustained.

Meditation is an Immutable process just like breathing. It’s simple, it’s individual, and it’s normal, it’s essential, could be learnt, could be taught, it’s part of life, it’s part of us. And that’s why No one can charge you for what is yours.

Join our team to learn it online, at your convenience, from your home or anywhere you want. Log in to for free meditation classes.

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