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"Sahaj" means "Spontaneous"

Perhaps we do not understand the full meaning of ‘spontaneous’, because ‘spontaneous’ itself is an abstract word to understand. It’s just His spontaneous power that works it out. He is spontaneity itself, and His powers are spontaneous, His love is spontaneous.

You can see in every way how nature spontaneously does thousands of things which we cannot answer, neither can we understand it, nor can we appreciate it.

Like a seed which sprouts through its primule and the same primule becomes the root and the shoot and a little cell at the tip of the root works out all the digging by itself, spontaneously. Only living things can be spontaneous. And then the shoot rises by itself, becomes the leaves and becomes the flowers and then the fruit : the whole map of its being is microscopically placed in that seed. In the same way within us is placed the primule, the germinating force, called as Kundalini. And this force which exists within us in three and a half coils. Now it is very important to see the position of Kundalini : it is placed in the triangular bone, this bone is called sacrum; the sacrum word comes from the Greek language. Greeks must have known this that this is the sacred bone, so they called it sacrum, it’s most surprising.

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