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You cannot do Meditation - You are in Meditation

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Answering the question - Do you advocate meditation?

“Yeah. But this is the idea of meditation is not the way we understand – is to sit down, cross-legged, for hours together, and be lost to the whole world; not that. I am in meditation all the time. You are in meditation. You cannot do meditation – you are in meditation. When you are one with the Spirit, you need not do anything like that. But sometimes you just want to look into yourself; you can just sit down and enjoy yourself, but not to waste your time sitting, arranging. I’ve seen people arranging – I have seen that, when they go into meditation, they arrange all the seats, this, that, get all the paraphernalia, and just think about what to put/cook? next. But here you are in that state – it’s a state, meditative state, into which you are. So, you don’t have to waste any time meditating – you are there! Just there! I think all these trees and all, they are meditating, aren’t they? They are one with the whole. But we have lost our connection – deliberately, or some development within us. They do not know that they are in meditation, but you will know that. This is the difference. You’ll be aware of it.”

June 18, 1981

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