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In silence, we grow. In silence, we can realize the real beauty that is inside of us, our True Self, and we can feel the Divine. In silence, we can listen to others and appreciate the majesty of nature.

Meditation can happen only in silence. The inner quietude is given by the Kundalini as she rises above the sixth energy centre.

As Shri Mataji explains

"One thought rises and falls down, another rises and falls down. In between the thought there is a portion called vilamba, which is absolutely silent. That is the present. If this is the past and that is the future, in between is the silence. You jump into that silence, and you see everything around from that silence. All your priorities change."

Whenever you feel stressed or unhappy, find a quiet place to go into meditation. You can allow this to happen just with your attention or help it by raising your hand in front of the Central Channel, taking the Kundalini above your head or by repeating: "Not this" few times.

Moreover, understanding the Lord's Prayer from your heart will clear your mind of clutter; as well as saying the affirmation Shri Mataji created for the Agnya chakra: “Mother, I forgive everyone.”

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