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The word "surprise" comes from a root meaning "to be seized with, to overtake," so there is something unexpected, sudden, and mysterious about such an encounter or occurrence.

Bad surprises and good surprises are coming our way. However, a tragedy closes one door and opens another with opportunities and new possibilities.

One of the major benefits of collectivity is the chance to open our hearts and talk with others about unexpected turns in our lives. All surprises arrive and then depart quickly -- like fireflies in the night. They are both meaningful and elusive.

In the spiritual life, surprises are not only mysterious but full of meanings. Those who are open to Divine presence in this world appreciate epiphanies and moments of synchronicity. All are sacred forms of surprise that are accompanied by the riches of wonder, meaning, peace, and reverence.

All surprises evoke many emotions, accentuate our shared humanity, open new doors for us, and give us goosebumps and a-ha! moments. They draw out our astonishment and help us make sense of reality. To see what we mean, we invite you to join our free online meditation classes and explore our content on surprise.

“These things that I am telling you are all very simple. If your chitta is all the time fixed on your vibrations then it is eventually going to become the truth itself – and truth will become the chitta. You will be surprised, you will experience miracles, every step of your way. You’ll say:”I don’t understand how this happened”. I am telling you: “Your chitta should become the truth.” That is all.”

“The role of chitta”. 18 December 1977. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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