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We have a lot to learn from Children

A few quotes from Shri Mataji on Children:

" . . . We should have to learn so much from the children, how innocent they are, how simple they are. They are very generous, and children will give away everything that they have, everything. They don't understand possession of things, just imagine! If somebody likes something, "All right, have it!" And they'll keep something for a person who likes something, you know. They are wonderful people, and we have to learn a lot from children. And their smiling faces and their joy should teach us how to behave, because Ganesha shines through them very clearly ... "
" . . . So this principle (innocence) is the most pleasing principle, is the most pleasing principle for human beings to see the children, to play with them, to enjoy their company. Why? Because it has that sweetness of a child. It's really, I should say, tickles joy within you when you see a child. Immediately, the face becomes different..."

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