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Music to my ears! A simple way to get into meditation.

New to Sahaja Yoga? Wondering how to enhance your thoughtless state? Try playing some music during your meditation. Any music? Well, the answer is no. Our energy centers, chakras, resound with a particular note -from bottom to the top: DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA-TI or SA-RE-GA-MA-PA-DA-NI (in the Indian scale). Then, listening to music that emits a cool breeze is essential if we want to stimulate the chakras and go along with the sounds of Creation.

Early morning meditation in complete silence, may help you notice another essential component of music, “silence”, your inner silence. Another good thing to try, as you enter your state of thoughtless awareness, is to witness and enjoy the wakening of Nature and surroundings. Slightly before the sunrise, accompanied by birds singing and the slow rhythm of the city… a magical moment for meditators!

“For example, think of a seed which is sown in a very loud music or, say, a place where everybody is rushing, shouting, screaming, what will happen to that seed - will never sprout. If it is in a peaceful place, is a properly placed one, or not in a tilted pot, then it will definitely develop into a beautiful tree or a beautiful shrub, whatever it has to develop into. In the same way if we are too much on the extremes, we go to the left and to the right.”

The previous quote of Shri Mataji, guide us on the importance of balance in everything, and that includes music, when to meditate, and the environment.

Three Western classical composers that you may like to listen to in your meditation:

”Mozart was a realized soul and his music gives joy to the spirit because you start feeling the vibrations when you hear him.”

Shri Mataji recommends the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to activate the central channel and Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel for the right and left channels, respectively.

The Indian classical compositions are divinely tuned to please the spirit. If you are looking for suggestions, try ragas for a quieter time and devotional songs, Sahaja Yoga bhajans, to promote joy and cheerfulness.

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