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Open Heart

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

The heart is the home of Self, Soul, Spirit, Atma, all one and meaning the same. The Spirit can only manifest when the heart is open and clean and into such a vessel it pours the eternal joy of perfecting the purpose of the creation, of our meaning. We have to clean our hearts through our attention, and by saying ‘I am the Spirit’ we can gradually become that (of course, this is after realization – before realization everything is mechanical.)

Pure love, which enlightens all, is the true quality of the Heart. In the unrealized state, we rarely love for love’s sake. Because of our conditionings, we confuse feelings of love with those of possession, selfishness and materialism and the object of love becomes the object of desire. Pure love is detached. It gives without interest. Like the tree which gives shade to one and all, it is without prejudice. Like the river, it just flows. Her Holiness Shri Mataji says : “I will tell you again and again that Sahaja Yoga is nothing but a manifestation of love, love, love.”

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