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Start your day with silence

In Shri Mataji's own words:

"It is we who have to save ourselves first, we have to build up ourselves first, we have to become ourselves inside so that we become strong, so that we know we become the masters. It is not the mastery of the world, but the mastery of your Self, which you should have."

1981-09-26 Are We Master Of Ourselves? New York City, United States

The center of our self-mastery is the Void area. By manifesting the qualities of our Void chakra in our daily life, this center can grow stronger, deepening our meditations and making us less susceptible to imbalances.

  • Believe in yourself: You can become your own master.

  • Remember that there is more to life than material things.

  • Balance and moderation are key!

The practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation will help you not only to take this crucial step of crossing the bridge of the Void region but strengthening this region and putting you firmly in charge of yourself and your spiritual self-improvement. Regular meditation and especially morning and collective meditation are crucial in building the essence of self-mastery and becoming your own master. #technique #meditation

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